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Sponsorship Form (for cash and cheque payments only)


For online payments for teams entering the event, go to our MyDonate page by clicking this link:

Follow the instructions for making a donation by clicking “Donate Now” and enter the name of the rider or your team  in the “Personalised message” box, so that we can credit them for the donation.

To sponsor an individual rider or team already entered in the event with their own fund raising page, either go direct to the address of their own webpage (for which they will supply a direct link) or go to our MyDonate page (see above) and look for the link to their fund raising page.

If the rider or team does not have a fundraising page, use the link above, click the “Donate Now” button, and enter the name of the rider or team in the “Personalised message” box, so that we can credit them for the donation.

For payments in cash or by cheque (not online using MyDonate), then print the Sponsorship Form (see above) and use that to make these payments.

If you are supporting other local charities, see the About page for further information.

                                                   TEAM RUNNING ORDER    

Italics indicate that time slots are provisional pending sponsorship payments.  We have the use of up to 20 bikes and the number of bikes can be increased as needed.

Start TimeCycle 1Cycle 2Cycle 3Cycle 4Cycle 5Cycle 6
09:00Grillo GrasshoppersRoffe Swayne Runners & Riders
10:00Wheels in MotionRHW Racers Newpots
11:00Biltong Bikers I
12:00The Clockhouse MelangeSloe Gin FizzHydon HeroesBiltong Bikers II
13:00President's Team IWoolsackPresidents Team II
14:00Goodridge GaspersJoani's TeamSkillway
15:00Family SwaitGodalming Bowling Club - Not Dead Yet