Godalming Charity Cyclathon – General Guidelines


Each team may consist of 1 to 5 riders, who will cycle for a total period of 50 minutes and may divide the total time between themselves as they wish. There will be prizes for the winning team in each category. The entry fee is £50 per team, which must be paid at the time of entry.

We hope that all teams will invite their friends and family to sponsor them and raise much-needed funds for the charities.

There is a General Team Entry category, with 3 subcategories, being Adults, Over 60s and Families.

There are also two school or youth organisation categories:

  • Junior (aged up to 11 years on 31 December 2019)
  • Secondary (aged up to 16 years on 31 December 2019)

 Finally, we are also inviting registered charities, should they wish to do so, to use the Cyclathon to raise money for their own cause by entering a bike team. The only charge for them will be the entry fee of £50.

Entrants with a heart condition, high blood pressure or any condition requiring the avoidance of strenuous activity should take medical advice before participating in this event.

How to enter a team

Teams may enter online or by post.

If you wish to enter a team online, then follow the instructions here on this website.

Complete the necessary information, such as the category you wish to enter and your preferred cycling time. At the same time, pay the entry fee of £50 online via the online payment link (see below).

If you wish to enter by post, then print the relevant form from our website, complete it, and post it to the address given in the form, together with your entry payment of £50 (see below). Schools, youth organisations and registered charities should use the entry form specified for them. All other teams should use the General Team Entry Form.

The running order of the teams will be displayed on the Cyclathon website from early November onward, and you will be informed by individual email what time has been allocated to your team. We will try to honour the session chosen, but cannot guarantee it.

How to pay the entry fee of £50

If you are entering online, then click on the Wonderful.org link.

If you are entering by post, then include a cheque made payable to ‘Woolsack Charity Trust’ with your entry form.

How to raise additional donations

For general team entries the position is as follows. For online donations, continue to use the online payment link referred to above. For cash and cheque donations, print and use the Sponsorship Form in the website: in this case, the Sponsorship Form plus the cash and/or cheques should be handed to Rotary on or before the Cyclathon on Sunday 24th November.

If you are a registered charity which is entering the Cyclathon to raise funds for your own cause, then you should use your own processes and bank account to raise any additional funds you receive. We only request that after the Cyclathon you let the organisers, Rotary in Godalming, know how much you collected, to enable us to assess the overall success of this Charity Cyclathon.

If you are a school, then you may choose whether to enter the Cyclathon to support our charities or whether to enter it to raise funds for your own cause. If you are entering to support our charities, then follow the processes described above for ‘general team entries’. If you are entering to raise funds for your own cause, then follow the processes described above for ‘registered charity’.

Questions   If you wish to send questions or comments to us about any of the above, you may do so through the Contact Us section of the website.

This Year’s Time Slots

The 2019 time slots will be published here a few weeks before the event



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