About the Third Godalming Cyclathon on 24 November 2019

The 2019 Cyclathon is scheduled for 24th November 2019.  Register now to secure your team’s place.

The  Godalming Charity Cyclathon is a fun event, which is organised by Rotary in Godalming  to  raise money for charity through the sponsorship  of  riders and teams.

This year, funds are being raised for Kent Surrey Sussex Air Ambulance and Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care.

Watch this video where Rotarian Michael O’Sullivan explains to That’s TV Surrey about the event:

Rotary Charity Cyclathon

The Godalming Charity Cyclathon which has been organised by Rotary, has been scheduled for the 24th of November. This year, teams of up to 5 riders will be cycling for sessions of 50 minutes to raise vital funds for the Kent, Surrey, Sussex Air ambulance and Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care. So we caught up with one of the organisers to learn a little more about the event. Kelvin Wint has the story.

Gepostet von That's TV Surrey am Montag, 4. November 2019

Each team of 1 to 5 riders cycles for a session of 50 minutes, shared between them as they wish. In addition to the entry donation of £50, each team raises much-needed additional funds for Rotary charities. We also invite other Registered Charities, should they wish to do so, to use the Cyclathon to raise money for their own cause by entering a team. The only charge for them is the entry donation of £50. And local schools can also enter a team, either to raise money for our charities or for their own cause.

Cycling  on an exercise bike for about  10  minutes per  rider  may  not  sound  too  demanding,  but  remember  that  this  is  a  sprint  event  and  the  winners  are  people  who  have  determination  and  stamina!  There are different categories of teams and prizes for the winners in each category.  If you want to make it more demanding, feel free to book more than one time slot (at £50 per slot), and encourage your friends / colleagues to book slots at the same time so you can compete with each other!

Entrants with a heart condition, high blood pressure or any condition requiring the avoidance of strenuous activity should take medical advice before participating in this event.

Please take a moment to read the General Guidelines for teams wishing to participate, which can be found HERE.

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This Year’s Time Slots

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